Hello again safety people of the world!

Now you are here, please check out some of our current live vacancies that we are actively searching for right now. The roles are based in America, Europe, the UK, the Middle East and LATAM.

If you see a job of interest in the 29 jobs below, please respond to info@tagsearchandselect.com quoting the reference at the end of each advert. It is important for you to quote this so we know which role you are interested in.

If you are looking for a new role, get in touch with us, or if you are a client with a similar vacancy to those in this list, send a message to Nicky Taglione on Linkedin.

Here is the list:

Business Development Manager – PPE Footwear / Gloves – Belgium – Salary Negotiable – REF: JL01

Sales Manager – PPE Head to Toe – France – Salary Negotiable – REF: JL02

Area Sales Manager – PPE Head to Toe – Portugal – Salary Negotiable – REF: JL03

Sales Manager – PPE Head to Toe – Germany – Salary Negotiable – REF: JL04

Regional Sales Manager – Respiratory – Benelux – REF: JL05

Junior Sales Manager – Respiratory – Germany – REF: JL06

Business Development Manager – Welding Products – Europe – REFJL07

ASM – Scotland – PPE/Workwear – Salary £45k – £50 – REF: SN01

2xBDM – 1xKAM – Midlands – PPE/Workwear – Salary £45k – REF: SN02

NKAM – UK based – PPE/Workwear – Salary £45k – REF: SN03

BDM – Northeast UK – PPE/Workwear – Salary £40k – REF: SN04

Regional Sales Representative – Italy – Technical Sales/Gas Detection – REF: DB01

Regional Sales Representative – Scandinavia – Technical Sales/Gas Detection – REF: DB02

Regional Sales Representative – Texas – Hand Protection – REF: DB03

Regional Sales Representative – Ohio – Hand Protection – REF: DB04

Regional Sales Representative – Florida – Hand Protection – REF: DB05

Regional Sales Representative – New Jersey, USA – Hand Protection – REF: DB06

Regional Sales Representative – Netherlands – Gas Detection – REF: DB07

Regional Sales Representative – Southern Germany – Gas Detection – REF: DB08

Regional Sales Representative – Benelux – Technical Sales/Gas Detection – REF: DB09

Regional Sales Representative – Spain – Technical Sales/Gas Detection – REF: DB10

Zone Manager – Southern Europe – Technical Sales/Gas Detection/PPE – REF: DB11

Regional Sales Representative – Houston – Technical Sales/Gas Detection – REF: DB12

Regional Sales Representative – Midwest USA – Respiratory – REF: DB13

Regional Sales Hunter – Midwest USA – Hand protection – REF: DB14

Regional Sales Representative – North West UK – Gas Detection/Fire/Security – REF: DB15

National Sales Manager – Brazil – Above neck PPE manufacturer – REF: NT01

Area Sales Manager – Morocco – Height Safety – REF: NT02

Area Sales Manager – Kenya – Height Safety – REF: NT03

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Hello again safety people of the world! Now you are here, please check out some of our current live vacancies…

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